Pick Your Own


Apples warmed by afternoon sun encircle a historic barn.

This is THE place to “Pick Your Own”! Orchard after orchard of ripe apples, and next to almost every one, a pumpkin patch! It’s one FUN Pick Your Own experience. We open around mid-August and our season typically runs through November 1st. Theres lots of places to picnic, trails to hike, and in certain orchards, observation decks for you to take in all the glory of harvest in New Hampshire. Call our Hotline, anytime, for the latest picking conditions and find out what varieties are ready: (603) 432-3456. You can also find out what going on by following us on Facebook and Twitter 


Here’s some quick facts about Mack’s U-Pick:    
A visit to Mack’s Apples U-Pick is a great family get-together. Here, FOUR generations of the Gabert family gather for a “we-pic” at U-Pick. (Photo courtesy Melissa Tuttle 2011)

Mack’s Apples is the largest “pick your own” destination in NH. Follow the U-Pick maps to our various U-Pick  stations that are placed around the farm. You’ll want to drive… all U-Pick stations are a ways from the Farm Market. What’s open depends on what’s ready! Best way to find out what’s ready… call our recorded Hotline at 603 432-3456.

A pick your own works on the honor system. Bags can be purchased as you enter the orchard. Now, we want you to sample fruit in the orchard (its part of the fun!) …it should work out that you pay for 99% of what you pick. While we understand that it’s easy to become an overenthusiastic picker, please do not overfill your bag. We charge by the pound for overheaped bags, and when you do the math, your best bargain is a properly filled bag.  

Finding the perfect pumpkin is always a blast!

Every U-Pick orchard has a pick your own pumpkin field next to it! 35 acres in all: every type, shape, ones with warts, white, orange… and up to another 100 tons of ‘em on display at the Farm Market in October.

Credit cards now accepted (only at our main U-Pick stations: Visa, Mastercard or Discover) You’ll need cash, or a check drawn on a NH bank at our smaller outlying stations. We try to have plenty of places to pay, so you can continue to play! Please note: we cannot accept out of state checks.  

Beverages available at U-Pick: water and soda at U-Pick.

Bring a picnic lunch! There are many spots to have a picnic around the farm. One real nice spot is just north of our historic barn, by the farm pond. Picnic tables available on a first-come basis.

Stroll the trails! There is a very nice trail connecting a couple of our major orchards, with a connector that runs through the forest in between. It’s called the Adams Pond Trail and is maintained by Londonderry Trailways. Visit their site for a map. 

About dogs: Leashed dogs are welcome on the farm grounds, and on the trails, but we ask that you not bring your dog to the U-Pick orchards because of the volume of visitors there. Wherever you visit, please be prepared to clean up after your pet.

*Tip: Call our recorded Hotline to see what’s available, (603) 432-3456.  

 Video: “Visiting A Pick Your Own Orchard” by New England Apples